7 Ways To Ensure That You Get A Cheap Auto Insurance Premium!

Zoom Past The Expense!

We all want the perfect auto insurance but, we want it at the most minimal price possible. People say that nothing good ever comes free, but today I have something really good for you that isn’t free but is in your budget. Here are seven ways to make sure that you get a cheap auto insurance premium that will have your back at ALL times!

Ways To Get A Cheap Auto Insurance Premium

1. Honest Occupation Status

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While lying on your application is a HUGE no-no, there are other ways to get a cheap car insurance. Did you know that writing ‘Teacher’ versus ‘Art Teacher’ has a huge difference in the premium? So, in other words, this is one of those times where showing off on your car insurance application isn’t going to help you one single bit.


2. Where You Live Matters

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Whether you live in a huge city or in a small town does matter to the auto insurance companies. This is because people living in bigger cities are more prone to accidents and thefts when compared to those living in small towns. So, maybe that whole laid-back country life will look good to you now?

3. Two Is Better Than One

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I don’t mean that you should opt for two premiums instead of one, I mean that while filling the papers for you low-cost insurance, you should consider filling in two car drivers instead of one. It has been found that having two named drivers offers a cheaper premium than having just one. So, now would be a good time to play nice with those neighbors and friends that you have been avoiding, before you buy auto insurance!


4. Reckless Isn’t All That Fun

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If you have any type of ‘black mark’ registered, whether it is a drunk driving incident or a major one, your cheap auto insurance will no longer be cheap anymore. Premiums have a major hike where recklessness in concerned. So, the next time you plan on drag racing or drinking and driving, keep in mind that you’re not just putting your life AND someone else’s life in danger but, you’re also raising that premium up along with your speedometer.

5. Renewal Hack

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This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you get a cheap auto insurance premium on renewal! Simply make sure that you get auto insurance policy renewed PRIOR to the renewal date! The closer you are to the date, the higher the premium you will pay!


6. Luxury Means More

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Having that big fancy car may not be such a good idea after all. The more expensive and luxurious a car is, the more expensive the car insurance. Sports car are possibly the most expensive as they are not only a luxury car but, it’s only natural that the driver of a sports car behaves a little reckless from time-to-time. On the other hand, getting those family-friendly cars may not look all glamorous but there are more chances of getting a cheap auto insurance premium on them!

7. Upfront And Personal

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No, I’m not talking about you having to go out and meet them at the office, this technique even works with online insurance policies. Simply make sure that you’re paying the whole premium up front, in one shot! Prolonged payment often amounts to the customer paying MUCH more than what he would’ve paid if he had paid in full.

Remember that while choosing a cheap auto insurance premium that you ensure that you are getting proper coverage. There is not point in you opting for something cheap if it won’t be able to provide for you when you require it!

Keep these few points in mind and it is certain that you will find at least a minimal amount of difference from the premium plan first offered to you and the one being offered to you now!